Who are you recruiting?

The Fin Domme Network provides a platform dedicated to Financial Domination & Female Domination. This is a Fetish site where Females over the age of 18+ depending upon broadcasting location. Utalize the FinDommeLive.com platform to bill per minute for live Fin / Fem Domination Sessions. Ladies set their own hours and rates. Site minimum is $5.00 Per Minute. Ladies are paid twice a month.  

Earning Payouts:

Your unique referral link that will track all your referrals. 
Upon activation recruits will receive a welcome e-mail with activation details and tools to get started. We provide full training for all new and season virtual entertainers.

Recruiters earn between 5-10% of total gross sales from pay per view sessions from all referred broadcasters. Recruiter- Determines the percentage rate between 1-10% The amount you choose will determine the amount your referred broadcasters will earn. Once set it can not be changed. 

Examples Based On Site Minimum $5.00 Per Minute Billed
Recruiter Earns
3%   .15 Per Min 
5%   .25 Per Min
7%   .35 Per Min
10% .50 Per Min

25    Broadcasters 100 Billed Minutes Per Week At The Site Minimum
5%   Recruiter Earns $2500.00 Monthly
10% Recruiter Earns $5000.00

Opt-In -Recruits generated from leads provided by The FinDommeLive.Com will automatically earn 60% and Recruiter will earn 5% 

Recruiter Stats

Recruits-Updates Daily Upon Activation 
Gross Sales- Updates Weekly
Payments- Updates Monthly 

How recruiters can share their referral link.

Adult Magazines
Adult Clubs
Adult Websites
Attending Adult Conventions (World Wide)

 Independent Contractors

Recruiters and Broadcasters are independent contractors for FinDommeLive.Com paid in US Dollar. FindommeLive.com does not pay for any expenses or equipment that recruiter/broadcaster occurs.
Independent Contractors set their own schedule, pay their own taxes, provide and maintain their own equipment. 

Equipment Needed

Access to a Computer, Laptop, Tablet
Internet access.

High Speed Internet Access
Web Cam With Microphone 
(If Broadcaster does not wish to broadcast cam a webcam is still required to connect to the platform)