Planting New Seeds:

What is a Seed?

A seed is a link back to your business in endless forms.

It is crucial to your business success to always be planting seeds. Do not let a week pass you without planting at least one seed.

In a typical week you should plant a minimum of 20 seeds per week or 5 per day.

The seeds you plant today will typically be in place for the lifetime of the websites that you have planted your seeds.

A seed you plant today may take time to grow or may grow within minutes of you planting this seed. Some of these seeds will grow and continue to bloom year round where others will bloom just once or not ever.

Once your seed sprouts it is important to water your sprouts. A Sprout is your client and watering would be making sure you follow up, stay connected, invite the customer back, offer specials unique to their desires.

This is where customer service matters. It is important to treat your clients like people not just another deposit in you bank account.

It is important to build a strong client base. As your business client base grows you will find it becomes easier each year to reach the goals that you set for your business.

A seed is an active twitter account, snapchat, profile page on social media as well as websites that are similar to your business. This can be a closing to a blog post, your emails, business cards.

If you find another Fin Domme on a website then you could bet your bottom dollar that you should also be on that site.

Now you must proceed with caution not all websites allow blatant advertising. You will need to be creative on how you plant your seeds. The more seeds the more traffic the more traffic the more conversions.

Buying traffic is also a great option. You'd be surprised on how much traffic you can buy with just pennies. It is important to keep track of money spent on your business you can deduct many expenses at the end of the year and buying traffic is one of the expenses you can deduct.

Here is a list of sites that you can get started with on planting your seeds. Some of these are simple drop link sites, others are tools that can be implemented to your business.

If a site in that you are planting your seed has an affiliate program make sure you join that affiliate program some times have an auto join for their programs where others are not easy to locate and are available to those that know what they are looking for. It's not too hard search google or their website for affiliate or referrals. Often times you can find these links at the footer of the website.

Check back monthly as we will continue to add new places for you to seed plant and harvest your well deserved earnings.

Social Media/Apps


Grab a free account today.
Email your handle and your webpage will update your twitter button already in place with your Handle

This free app has dedicated Fin Domme Chat Rooms use the Following #Hashtag to enter hidden rooms #FinDomme #FinDom #FinDomVixens #AmazonWishlist #FinancialDomination and also begin creating your very own room share these links to your KiK chat share your link with those that message you for services.

(Not Suggested if you want to keep your business private)
(This is a social site for adults however they do not condone the advertising of business services) However many times interested potential clients will google your handle to see if they can find your webpage. So do your best to use the same name you use for your website.

Affiliate Programs

Nite Flirt

With niteflirt you can set up a profile accept payments for different services.

This is also a great way to to utilize a Toll-Free # with zero set up costs.

Once you have your account activated email your Nite Flirt Account name and our webmaster will add your link/button to your webpage as well as our FD Network Nite Flirt directory during the next website update.

 **Free Nite Flirt Account

Don't let the name drive you away. It's your video chat room you run it how you wish. This site has a lot of interactive games that you can earn money from. They have a very high volume of traffic and it's quite easy to convert viewers to sales. 

The best thing about this site is you don't have to be a broadcaster to earn money referring others to the site. If you do not broadcast you will be turning away clients and it's nice to have endless baskets of passive income. 

Once you have set up your account email and our webmaster will add your button/link to your site with the next site update.